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The Universal Synod which is taking place from September 2021 – October 2023 invites the People of God to journey together and listen to the Holy Spirit speaking through one another and the whole human family. Pope Francis wants to hear from the whole Church which includes people from different socio-economic backgrounds, age and ethnic groups, paying particular attention to those whose voices have not been heard in the past.

The first part of the synod began at diocesan and local level in Ireland in October 2021 and continues until April 2022. Parishes and dioceses throughout Ireland will reflect on what it means to journey together as communities of faith in today’s world. We, the People of God in the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly have reflected on what our faith means to us and the fruits of that listening process are contained in our Pastoral Plan ‘Seeds of Hope’. We have begun the journey together and now take on the task of making our Pastoral Plan a reality. In so doing we proclaim the Gospel in our part of the world today. Archbishop O’Reilly wrote to the people of the Archdiocese in October 2021.  The Archbishop’s letter outlined the main force underpinning the Synodal Process – the Holy Spirit.

The Diocesan Contact for the Synodal Process is: Ms. Katherine Dullaghan, Diocesan Director for Pastoral Planning & Development, Pastoral Office, Knockanrawley, Tipperary E34 XD90; Email: [email protected]Mobile: 086 103 3761

To view the Archdiocese of Cashel & Emly Synodal Synthesis (29th May 2022) please click this link:  Archdiocese of Cashel Emly Synodal Synthesis May 2022

For more information, guidance and resources the new synod website is now live at:


Fr Eamonn Fitzgibbon, Director of the Irish Institute of Pastoral Studies and Member of the Synodal Pathway Task Force outlines the process of the Irish Synodal Process in this You Tube video:




Recording of Fr. Timothy Radcliffe at the Synod in Rome: