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Administration of the Diocese

Administering the Archdiocese is the responsibility of the Archbishop and his staff (Curia) working from the Diocesan Office located in Archbishop’s House, Thurles (adjacent to the Cathedral). They are charged with the legal, financial, and pastoral care of the Archdiocese, its priests, people, property, and assets. Because the Archdiocese is a registered charity, it must act under the terms of the Charities Act 2009 and is required to submit an annual activity and financial report (audited accounts of the Archdiocese and accounts for the parishes) to the Charities’ Regulator.

The work of the Curia is carried out by the staff working in the Diocesan Office. Because of new legal responsibilities, the workload has grown considerably. General secretarial administration personnel, two full-time Accountants, a GDPR Officer, Child Safeguarding Director and vetting personnel, and the equipment they use, comprise part of the cost of administering the Archdiocese.

Other administrative costs are incurred by the Archdiocese at national level. The dioceses of the country support the bodies set up at national level to work in the various aspects of the life of the Church in Ireland, e.g. liturgy, safeguarding, counselling, ecumenism, communications, education, emigrants/immigrants, research and development, etc.

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