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Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you calm and happiness over this time of planning for your most special day.

We believe that Marriage is a sacrament, with the love of the husband and wife mirroring the love that God has for us, his people. We pray that God will journey with you as you make this important commitment.

Some things to attend to:

  • At least three months notice to the Church (Contact the Parish Office)
  • At least three months notice to the State’s Civil Registrar
  • Attend a Pre-Marriage Preparation Course – Book well in advance due to limited availability Contact  ACCORD Thurles at 0504 22279  for Details of Upcoming Pre Marriage Courses
  • If you wish to married in the Archdiocese of Cashel & Emly and are not from the Archdiocese you will need to contact the Parish Priest of the Parish in which you wish to be married in order to book your date.  All clergy details can be accessed here
  • If you are getting married abroad please complete your Marriage Papers with your local Parish Priest.  He will then send your papers to the Diocesan Office for consideration by the Diocesan Chancellor.  They will be signed and sealed by the Diocesan Chancellor and then forwarded to the Bishop’s Office in the Diocese where your wedding will be taking place.  Papers going abroad are all sent by Registered Post and you will be emailed the tracking number once they are posted.  A donation of €10 is required towards the cost of postage.
  • Complete Marriage Papers in the parish where each of you are living (2-3 months in advance).  All Baptismal, Confirmation and Freedom of Marriage Certificates should be dated within six months of the date of your marriage.
  • Prepare the Wedding Mass/Service with Music, readings, prayers, flowers etc.
    • Talk to the priest officiating at your wedding for ideas on these. If the priest officiating at your wedding is not a priest of the Archdiocese of Cashel & Emly, please check that he has been registered as a Temporary Solemniser. If his name is not listed on the Register of Solemnisers, he should contact the Diocesan Office to request a copy of the application form. This form should to be submitted to the Diocesan Offices 2-3 months before the date of the wedding. Contact the Diocesan Office at 0504 21512 or [email protected] to obtain a copy of this form.