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The Listening Process

Cashel & Emly Listening Process 

Cashel & Emly Listening Process Follow-Up – Summer 2019

The Listening Process has been completed throughout Cashel & Emly.  We have now prepared a detailed ‘Diocesan Listening Process Report and next steps – a discussion document’ (Report)  – click here to download.   During March / April we introduced the Report to parish groups at six Gatherings of Parishes throughout the diocese.  In view of its detail and out of respect for the contributions of those who participated in the Listening Process all parish groups were invited, in preparation for similar gatherings in May, to reflect upon the Report.

The format for the six Gatherings of Parishes held throughout the diocese during May was as follows;

1                    Welcome & Introduction

2                    Mixed Parish Groups to reflect upon the experience of how each parish has worked with the Diocesan Report.

3                    Parish Groups – to discuss learnings/energy gained from mixed parish group discussion.

4                    Prayer

5                    Presentations to parishes in preparation for Gatherings of Parishes in Autumn 2019 as follows;

a.      Listening to Priests Report

b.      Diocesan Youth Forum

c.       Diocesan Biblical Apostolate

d.      Parish Reports

e.      Looking Forward – supports.

6      Conclusion –  Archbishop Kieran.

In light of the new information contained within the Parish Listening Reports and that presented on the Listening to Priests Report, parishes are invited to continue to reflect upon the following questions in preparation for the Gathering of Parishes in the Autumn;

1.         Your response to the Listening reports – Diocesan, Parish and Priests?

2.         (a)  How can we, as a parish, use these reports to inform and guide us in planning and action – next immediate steps?

2.         (b)  How can we, as a diocese, use these reports to inform and guide us in planning and action – next immediate steps?

3.         What might be needed to support these next steps?


With good wishes for the Summer months.

Fr Martin Hayes, Cashel & Emly Diocesan Pastoral Planning & Development