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The Listening Process

Cashel & Emly Listening Process 

2nd June 2020

Cashel & Emly Listening Process Follow-Up; drafting a Pastoral Plan.

The Listening Process has been completed throughout Cashel & Emly.  We prepared a detailed ‘Diocesan Listening Process Report and next steps – a discussion document’ and a Listening to Priests Report, both of which have been the subject of discussion at our Gatherings of Parishes throughout 2019.

In March 2020, a Draft pastoral plan was drawn up and we invited feedback at Gatherings of Parishes and online via this website.  We have now received an amount of feedback, both from our actual Gatherings of Parishes and online which, of course, in recent weeks, has taken account of the significant impact of COVID-19 upon the life of our parish communities.

Currently, our Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) are working to collate all the feedback and to integrate it into the drafting of a Pastoral Plan.  Of course, we must take time to reflect further upon how the COVID-19 pandemic has ‘fast-forwarded our parishes into the future’, due to the unavailability of personnel over 70 years of age and the greater need to use modern communications technology.  This current crisis may indeed, be an opportunity, with God’s help, to design a pastoral plan which can be relevant, realistic and assure the nurturing of faith in our parishes into the future.

A key element of progressing pastoral planning is the formation and ongoing formation of parish pastoral groups so as to build the capacity for leadership.  Also, the engagement of a parish with the roll-out of a Diocesan Pastoral Plan of itself must connect with the findings of each Parish Listening Process.

With thanks for your support as we stay with the process of drafting our Pastoral Plan and move towards engaging with you, the people and priests of our parishes, so as to support your implementation of pastoral initiatives into the future.

Keeping each other in prayer.

Fr Martin Hayes.

[email protected]