Anacarty & Donohill


ANACARTY  & DONOHILL                                                  Area Code: 062

Very Rev. John Beatty, PP, Anacarty                         71104

Mobile:                                                                        086 3491302

Fax:                                                                              71104


St. Brigid’s, Anacarty


Saturdays and Eve of Holydays                      8:00P.M.

Sundays                                                           11:00A.M.

Holydays                                                         11:00A.M.

First Friday                                                      9:00A.M.

CONFESSIONS Half an hour before Saturday evening Mass

ADORATION 7:00 P.M. – 8:00P.M. First Friday

Immaculate Conception, Donohill


Saturday & Eve of Holydays                             6:30P.M.

Sundays                                                             9:30A.M.

Holydays                                                            9:30A.M.

First Friday                                                        7:30P.M.

CONFESSIONS Half an hour before Saturday evening Mass


Primary Schools

Garryshane NS                           76288

Anacarty NS                               71566