Senior Help Line

Third Age – Senior Help Line


‘Do you need someone to talk to?  Senior Help Line is a confidential listening service for older people provided by trained older volunteers for the price of a local call anywhere in Ireland, LoCall 1850 440 444.


Senior Help Line is a national programme of Third Age which promotes the value of older people who volunteer in programmes throughout Ireland’s communities.


‘Senior Help Line is open every day and every evening, 365 days a year.


‘Older people call for many reasons. They may feel lonely and want some company in their day, they may have financial, family or health worries.  A small proportion may fear or be experiencing elder abuse, feel depressed and don’t have the strength to carry on.


‘Senior Help Line’s trained older volunteers offer a friendly, listening and non-judgmental ear to all callers.   So don’t be alone with your problem.   Lifting the phone lessens the loneliness. We will be waiting for your call.  LoCall 1850 440 444’.