Holycross & Ballycahill


Holycross & Ballygcahill                                                       

Very Rev. Thomas J. Breen, PP,  Holycross,

Thurles, Co. Tipperary                                                                         0504 43124

Mobile:                                                                                                087 2676420

Email:                                                                                          frtjbreeno2@eircom.net


Rev. Celsus Tierney, CC, Holycross Abbey, Holycross,

Thurles, Co. Tipperary                                                                        0504 43118

Mobile:                                                                                               086 1672700

Email:                                                                                            celsust@hotmail.com


Rev. Michael Mullaney, Ballycahill, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.             0504 26080

Email:                                                                                      Michael.mullaney@spcm.ie


Holycross Abbey


Saturdays and Eve of Holydays                                   7:00P.M.

Sundays                                                                        9:00A.M.,11:00A.M.,4:00P.M.

Holydays                                                                     9:00A.M.,11:00A.M.,8:00P.M.

First Fridays                                                                 10:00A.M., 8:00P.M.

CONFESSIONS Friday before 10:00A.M.; before 8:00P.M. Masses

DEVOTIONS Padro Pio 8:00P.M. First Thursday; Friday Novena 10:00A.M.; 8:00P.M.

ADORATION Fridays of Advent; 1st – 9th January


Church of St. Cataldus, Ballycahill


Saturdays and Eve of Holydays                                  8:00P.M.

Sundays                                                                       10:00A.M.

Holydays                                                                     10:00A.M.

First Fridays                                                                 7:30P.M.



Abbey office                                        0504 43241


Nursing Homes

Padre Pio                                                                                                                     0504 43110

Sue Ryder Homes                                                                                                       0504 43500


Primary Schools

St. Michael’s                                                                                                               0504 43337

Ballycahill                                                                                                                  0504 22492