Clonoulty & Rossmore


Clonoulty & Rossmore                                        

Very Rev. Thomas F. Egan, PP, Clonoulty

Cashel, Co. Tippery                                                                         0504  42494

Mobile:                                                                                                  086 8199678



Church of St. John the Baptist, Clonoulty


 Saturdays and Eve of Holydays                                   8:00P.M.

 Sundays                                                                       9:00A.M. and 11:30A.M.

 Holydays                                                                     9:00A.M. and 11:30A.M.

 First Fridays                                                                 9:30A.M.

 CONFESSIONS          Before Masses on First Fridays and Saturday Evenings

 DEVOTIONS              Lent and Advent

ADORATION               Twice Yearly


Church of Jesus Christ Our Saviour, Rossmore


 Saturdays and Eve of Holydays                                  7:00P.M.

 Sundays                                                                       10:00A.M.

 Holydays                                                                     10:00A.M.

 First Fridays                                                                 7:30P.M. (8:00 P.M. Summer)

 CONFESSIONS Before Mass on First Friday and Saturday Evenings

DEVOTIONS Lent and Advent

 ADORATION Twice Yearly


Primary Schools

Clonoulty NS                                               0504 42029

 Rossmore NS                                               0504 42019

Ballagh NS                                                    0504 42015