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Cashel & Emly Listening Process 

Listening Process and Pastoral Planning

Cashel & Emly Listening Process Follow-Up – Support for Parish Groups.

The Listening Process has been completed throughout Cashel & Emly.  We have now prepared a detailed ‘Diocesan Listening Process Report and next steps – a discussion document’ (Report)  – click here to download – which has been presented to parish groups during March / April with further discussions held during May.

Our focus now is upon drawing up a Vision Statement for the diocese, to work out how it would translate in parishes and list the supports required.  Our current priorities (and their supports) have been established via;

–          October 2019 Gatherings of Parishes,

–          Seeds of Hope (Holycross Novena 2019),

–          DPC Reflections on Vision/Mission Statements of Nov 2016 & Nov 2019,

–          Listening Gathering on the Environment – Cabragh Wetlands 26th Oct 2019 and

–          Listening Reports; Diocesan, Parish and Priests (Weafer).

These priorities/supports are; Faith (Development), Youth, Community, Leadership/Training, Liturgy/Prayer, Communication and Environment.

It is intended to present our diocesan priorities within the context of an agreed diocesan Vision Statement with detail on how it translates in parishes, during Spring 2020 so as to launch initiatives in May 2020 and implement them in September 2020.